5 Tips To Light Up Your Bedroom

5 Tips To Light Up Your Bedroom

5 Tips To Light Up Your Bedroom

Posted on 2018-01-20

Designing a lighting scheme for a particular room is a task that needs to be planned efficiently and effectively as lightings are something that reflect to; and set up the mood accordingly.

This being the reason why it becomes important to keep in mind regarding the areas of subject, vision and placement of buttons at proper places while executing the scheme.

1- Find Out The Appropriate Pattern & Scheme

While designing the lighting scheme for bedroom, one should start off with some theories and points before going straight for the desired lighting fixture. It is not about the “lighting fixture”, but about the aesthetic that boils down to deliver the desired feel of being in the most comfortable zone of your home.

There maybe a lack of proper bedside lighting, or something affixed to the ceiling. It even maybe the amount of space and type of color and their combinations. It can be any of it.

2- Lighting Controls Must Be Placed Properly

To start off, it is great to have bedroom lighting controls located by the entrance of the room and at either side of the bed so you don’t need to mucker around the bed in the dark when your TV remote gets under your blanket!

3- Find The Proper Colour Combination

Check your walls, curtains and everything before going for the chandelier that you love. Because no one wants a lighting fixture that doesn’t even goes with the total aesthetic of your room and it’s style.

Examine the color temperature of the space. Is it too cold or too warm, too light or too dark? You can check it up accordingly. This becomes the prerequisite before you bring home the lighting fixtures. Because it is great to have very darkly lit bedrooms, if only the sleep is considered. But after a point of time, the lack of illumination will hinder with your peace of mind. As simple and relational as that.

4-  Associate Proper Lighting According To The Space

Well, bedroom lighting or say, any lighting, shouldn’t be overdone or should hinder with the “too empty” or “too messed up space” lining.

The height of your ceiling too is a key factor to consider before drilling a hole onto your ceiling.

If your bedroom has a lowered ceiling, it is great to achieve the “multi layered” aspect of lighting. Presuming the ceiling has got some modern and static ambient/indirect lighting fixtures places accordingly, it is great to have multiple light sources around you.
Instead of going for one big chandelier, you can opt for two-three smaller sized ceiling lights and even play with their sizes! Randomness is the key to great room designs. Also introduce dimmable bedside lamps, that are not to bulky and look modern and go well with the other fixtures. Refrain from getting everything random; it is advisable to keep it jumbled but synchronized.

For those who have a high ceiling can opt for something very minimal and sophisticated lighting fixture, like a medium sized contemporary chandelier.

5- Don’t Follow What You Won’t Love In The Future

You are always needed to go through your own styling sense. Luring for something that you’ve seen somewhere else is not a great idea to start your lighting journey with. Maybe some fixtures look good at the suite you checked in recently, just because they planned for it to look like so, it may not go well inside your bedroom.

Accept how your room is designed already, exception for those who are starting from scratch, and fill in accordingly.

Some Lighting Fixtures To Consider

1- Cara Azul

Cara-VoyliteThis floor lamp can define a cornered lighting source that sits near your favourite rocking chair and adds to the glamour of your bedroom.

Use this while you read your choice of novel while your loved one finish their sleep in the dim shade of Cara Azul floor lamp.

You can check out the pricing and other description of Cara Azul here.

2- Elayna Green Pendant


Pendant lights are as glorious as pendant jewelleries when it comes to styling something or even someone.

Check the range of lighting and other color options of Elayna Green Pendant here.

3- Audentia Long White Pendant


Imbibe into the coziness of your bedroom when it becomes more inviting with your choice of modern styling inside.

Flaunting the minimal industrial aspect of your bedroom becomes better when it blends with perfect combination of lighting.

Check the pricing page of Audentia Long White Pendant here.

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