5 ways light affects us

5 ways light affects us

5 ways light affects us

Posted on 2017-06-10

Have you ever found yourself to be in a room or a place where you just can’t seem to hold attention or just start feeling a little edgy? Yes, the reason for this could be the lighting in the room. Light does affect our lives in various ways. This is one of the reasons why lighting experts are hired to design the right ambience in homes, retail spaces, cafes and more…

  1. Emotions
    Our emotions are greatly impacted all through the day by the lights we are exposed to. You must have experienced that natural lighting through windows has a nice calming effect and that lack of lighting can be depressing. So when you are feeling low, go out for a walk and feel all charged up.

  2. Productivity and concentration
    Usually, the places where we need to stimulate our minds are brightly lit say schools or offices. However, the lights are often fluorescent keeping in mind energy efficiency & cost.
    Spending extended hours in such severe artificial light can make you feel uneasy and edgy. Places like book stores hence use warm lights to make the place more soothing and lucrative for reading. Try using dim lights when you need to do creative work and bright lights when you need to focus on work.

  3. Sleep cycles
    Our built-in biological clock is based on our exposure to day light and our sleep cycle is dependent on our actions during the day. Exposure to bright light in the evening delays the cycle and leads us to prefer late sleep times. This adversely affects health. Dim light in the bedrooms is preferred as it has a soothing drowsy effect and help prepare to sleep.

  4. Eyes
    Lighting, both natural and artificial can strain and even cause permanent damage to eyes. This fact is usually ignored. Spending long hours in very brightly lit areas can cause headaches and tiredness. Make sure you adjust the lights to avoid this strain.

  5. Decision making
    Emotions are experienced intensely under bright lights. Contrary to this, dimming the lights reduces emotionality in the everyday decision making.

It is surprising to see that there are so many factors that affect our health due to lighting in day to day life. However, the good part is that there are multiple ways in which each of these can be addressed.

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