Do you know how the Eiffel Tower is lit up at night?

Do you know how the Eiffel Tower is lit up at night?

Do you know how the Eiffel Tower is lit up at night?

Posted on 2017-06-10

Lit by both effective light projectors and a huge number of bulbs, the tower is as noticeable after dim as it is amid the daytime and treats its guests to a dynamite light show multiple times per night.

1. Aiming The Lights

The Eiffel Tower's famous golden glow didn't make a big appearance until 1985. Their lighting system is used to illuminate the tower with 1,290 projectors each equipped with powerful yellow lamps, which are housed at the base of the tower pointed at its outside.

2. The Shimmering Effect

The shimmering lights make the tower twinkle for five minutes, consistently every hour on the hour between sundown and 1 a.m. It takes 20,000 lights introduced one-by-one through the span of five months to create this impact. Since they are all introduced separately, they can glimmer on and off indiscriminately to mimic shimmering bringing the monument to life. 

3. The Beacon

Like a lighthouse, the Eiffel Tower is equipped with a powerful beacon on top. The beacon consists of four projectors perfectly synchronized and automated. Each projector rotates 90 degrees before switching off and returning to its original position, at which point the next projector sends out the beam and rotates. The bulbs used in these projectors last more than 1,000 hours each and can be seen from a distance of nearly 50 miles.

Iconic Lighting Scheme by both powerful light projectors and tens of thousands of bulbs adorns Eiffel Tower with its golden covering, giving it an unmistakable extraordinary look!

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