LIGHTING : An Important Interior Design Element

LIGHTING : An Important Interior Design Element

Lighting is separated into three configurations : General Lighting, Task Lighting, and Accent Lighting. The blend of these three configurations accomplishes decorative lighting to make rooms look light and vivacious.

#1. General Lighting

General lighting lightens the whole space for visibility and security. This acts as an overall lighting of a room. It illuminates all of the room and is considered the room’s “natural light”. You might use a chandelier, pendant light, track lighting or wall sconces to create ambient light that fills the room.

#2. Task Lighting

Task, or work, lighting illuminates smaller ranges where more intense light is required. Task light ought to be three times as splendid as general lighting. Excessively well lit work lights won’t compensate for a faintly lit room (rather, you may create eye fatigue).

#3. Accent Lighting

Accent lighting adds splendid gleam to make your valuable articles, canvases, figures, and remarkable building highlights emerge. Utilize a knob that is close to three times as splendid as the encompassing general light.

The right play of different types of lighting in any type of décor can be a subtly powerful thing creating a mood of serenity and playfulness!

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