Principles Of Great Living Room Lighting Design

Principles Of Great Living Room Lighting Design

Your living room requires a flexible lighting design solution since it serves a vast variety of functions. Be it hosting a party for your friends, a family get-together or just gaming with the kids. It is safe to assume that ambient lighting is needed in all areas of a room. An ideal living room should have:

#1. Lighting for Viewing TV

The perfect TV viewing experience requires unusual lighting requirements. You really wouldn’t need a lot of ambient lighting to avoid reflections and disturbance while viewing TV. It is advisable to have the right switching configurations for light fixtures which offer the flexibility of dimming or turning off.


#2. Task Lighting

In case you use the room for extended periods of visual tasks, it is important to use table lamps or lighting fixtures with down-lights.


#3. Ambient Lighting

In case the room is used for conversations and social gatherings, you need to use the appropriate light fixtures like ceiling lamps/pendant lights, wall sconces, floor and table lamps. The brightness of these fixtures (also known as Lumens) may range from 75 lumens to 250 lumens. You could decide on how bright or warm you would like the place to be depending on your taste.

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#4. Focal Lighting

In case the room has art pieces, paintings, bookshelves or any other graphic material on the wall, it is advisable to use picture lights, down-lighters or wall washers.


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