Spleodar Chandelier

Spleodar Chandelier


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This beautiful 'Spleodar' Chandelier from the Parisian Collection has 5 candelabra and is decorated and draped with crystal that captures and reflects the light of the candle bulbs. The glass and metal frame of this hanging light fixture adds the finishing touch to a wonderful fixture. Available is 3 sizes.

Fixture Material: Crystal & Metal
Adjustable: Yes
Assembly Required: Yes

Fixture Color: Champagne

Light Specifications
Light Direction: Ambient
Bulb Base: E14
Recommended Bulb: LED
Bulbs Needed: 5
Maximum Wattage: 14W
Cord Length: 100 cms
Cord Material: PVC

Width: 57 cms
Length: 57 cms
Height: 51 cms
Weight: 4 kgs

Package Contents
1 Spleodar Chandelier, cord & bulb holder

Suitable For
Living, Dining, Bedroom, Commercial, Cafe


Dirty light fixtures can emit up to 20% lesser light than clean ones, so regular cleaning and dusting go a long way toward brightening your living spaces.
For safety purposes, never attempt to clean or work on a lighting fixture with an active electrical current. The best bet is to unplug fixtures or turn off the circuit breaker prior to cleaning. Also, never allow liquid to touch wiring.
Wash coated metal surfaces with a clean soft cloth soaked in detergent and warm water; rinse thoroughly. Dry the surface with a clean soft white cloth.Do not use abrasive, acid, alcohol-based, or solvent-based cleaners; they may damage the finish.
Cleaning each part of a crystal chandelier is a detail-oriented task. However, it's important to clean your chandelier periodically to maintain the light-reflective quality that makes it so bright.
1. Turn the light off and let the bulbs cool. You can also disconnect the electricity as an extra precaution. But, only do this if you are confident in operating your home's circuit breaker.
2. Prepare the area. To prevent any parts dropping and breaking, you can lay down a thick blanket over the floor, and set up a ladder securely under the chandelier.
3. Use glass cleaner and clean cotton cloth. Spray a glass cleaner on a cotton cloth that is clean and soft. Wipe down each crystal with the damp cloth, then immediately dry with a separate dry cloth. Work your way around the chandelier to clean every crystal this way. When cleaning the crystals, always spray cleaner onto a cloth first, rather than directly onto the fixture. Also, don't twist or rotate the chandelier to access each side or part. This could damage or weaken its parts or supports, risking falling and breakage. Instead, carefully descend and move the ladder to position yourself in the right spot to reach and clean each part separately.
4. Clean the frame. Wipe the frame (metal/chrome) and any other parts of your chandelier with just a dry cloth or an appropriate chandelier cleaner or metal cleaner. Clean any metal hooks or fasteners for the crystals with a dry cloth only, as cleaner can tarnish or strip the finish off of them.
5. Dust light bulbs gently. Clean off the light bulbs in your fixture with a clean, dry cloth. Make sure that all bulbs are screwed in properly and don't appear browned or discolored. If any light bulbs are dim, burnt out, broken, or missing, take this opportunity to change them out with new bulbs of proper wattage.

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