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Rochie Lamp

Rochie Pendant Lamp

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Voylite lumens meter

* Bulb not included


The beautiful Rochie potli light which even resembles an elegant lady gown, gives a traditional and soothing appeal to your space. A light source dressed with a drape showcases mushy and subtle look in the space making the ambience look flowy and cozy. Its traditional touch makes it more at home and exemplifies the space as an expression of art.

Fixture Material: Fabric
Adjustable: Yes
Assembly Required: No

Fixture Color: Mauve

Light Specifications
Light Direction: Down
Bulb Base: E27
Maximum Wattage: 40W
Cord Length: 100 cms
Cord Material: Fabric

Diameter: 25 cms
Height: 25 cms
Weight: 0.5 kgs

Package Contents
1 Fabric pendant light with cord and socket

Suitable For
Living, Bedroom, Kids, Hallway


Dirty light fixtures can emit up to 20% lesser light than clean ones, so regular cleaning and dusting go a long way toward brightening your living spaces.
For safety purposes, never attempt to clean or work on a lighting fixture with an active electrical current. The best bet is to unplug fixtures or turn off the circuit breaker prior to cleaning. Also, never allow liquid to touch wiring.
Fabric shades are typically subjected to common cleaning maneuvers with vacuums or dusters, though they are easily dented, scratched or discolored. So it is important to clean them properly and carefully.
Usually in a fabric shade the softer material is wrapped around a plastic skeleton, so getting it wet is not a problem. However, if too much pressure is applied, they can easily dent and if sharp or metal objects are used, ripping and scratching can occur. So the cleaning has to be done with minimal pressure. Because this material is compatible with moisture, a kitchen sink or bathtub can make the perfect spot for cleaning. You can certainly do something more quick and simple to remove any surface dirt with a cloth or duster, but for a thorough cleaning, try some soapy water, light scrubbing and a gentle rinse to make it look like new again.

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